We are confident that with Medraft you are getting the best tours of Israel. Our staff is highly experienced in all the aspects of planning , organizing and guiding private and group tours in Israel and all around the world.  We are all highly motivated to render the best service possible and will do our utmost to make your trip a great, enjoyable, lifetime experience.

Omer FlumC.E.O
Tzahi GlobinChief Guide
Gilad TelemChief Guide
Omer BrikmanMarketing Manager
Rotem EvronSales Manager
Hadar Yefet AlpertOperations Manager
Ana NaiditchSales
Moria Ja'aranyTour Operator
Meni YitzhakiGuide and Tour Operator
Osnat eyalguide
Shay bakharooziguide
Avishag dekelguide
Menahem Tiranguide
Sivan Wisenthalguide
roi gozezguide